This Boy's Life is a 1993 drama film based on the life of Tobias Wolff with Leo starring as, being the main character, Toby. So, the movie is set in the late fifties and focuses on the rebellious teenager Tobias "Jack" Wolff and his mother, Caroline Wolff (Ellen Barkin), who have left for Seattle, Washington. Caroline, who is looking for a new boyfriend, bumps into Dwight Hansen, played by Robert de Niro, and blindly dates him. Unfortunately, behind her back, Dwight abuses Toby, saying he's "fixing him". Toby, who is irritated by Dwight's attitude towards him, starts to become worse and hangs out with the wrong boys. Caroline marries Dwight, which annoys Toby even more. Then, one day, Dwight comes home to learn from Pearl-his youngest daughter- that Toby got a scholarship. Dwight approaches Toby, who is putting some mustard on pieces of bread and spots an empty mustard jar in the trash. Picking it up, he shows it to Toby and asks him if it's empty. Pearl answers, "Looks empty to me." and Toby responds with, "Looks empty to me, too." At this, Dwight crams the jar in Toby's face, asking "Is it empty? Huh?" over and over again. To Toby, it's extremely tempting to yell in his face. "Yes!" He screams. Dwight slaps him for his "lie". Toby decides he has had enough, and slams Dwight into the shelves. They fight, and Dwight bites Toby's injured finger, making Toby scream at the top of his lungs. Toby feels around for something to stop Dwight, and smashes a flower pot over his head. They fight some more, and Dwight tries to choke Toby. Finally, Caroline comes to the rescue and scolds Dwight for being abusive. Toby wholeheartedly tells her that they could leave him at that exact moment. "I could, couldn't I?" She asks, shocked. "Yes, you could!" Toby says, still gasping for air after being strangled by Dwight. They leave him as he chases after them yelling "What about me?" So then, Caroline moves to Florida, and the movie ends with Toby walking down the street, smiling.

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