The Quick and the Dead is a 1995 Western Thriller/Drama directed by Sam Raimi. The film focuses on a lady gunslinger named "Ellen" played by Sharon Stone" Leo plays Fee "The Kid" Herod, the "fastest gunslinger in the town of Redemption" who believes that the town's mayor "John Herod" is his father. Turns out he isn't. Anyhow, Kid's supposed "father" killed Ellen's father back then, and Ellen comes to Redemption to get revenge on John. In my opinion, Kid (Leo) had a crush on Ellen (Sharon) but I don't think they mention it anywhere in the movie. Or maybe they did. But anyways, Kid wins a couple of gunfights throughout the movie, but when it's time for him to fight his "father", things get tricky. John apparently shoots first, nailing Kid in the stomach. Kid misses badly and hits John in the neck. When Kid falls to the ground, a woman cries out in shock and runs to him, along with Ellen. Kid asks, " Did I get him?" and Ellen replies, "Yeah Kid, you got him." "Did I kill him?" Kid is disappointed when Ellen answers with "You were so fast." So Kid starts to weep and says, " I don't wanna die!" then he looks up at his "father", reaches out to him, then dies in Ellen's arms. Immediately after, John reveals that Kid was never his son. If you want to see the adorable death scene of Kid, it's on YouTube or Vimeo.

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