The Foot Shooting Party is a 1994 short film about a five member rock & roll band. Leo plays the lead singer, Bud, who is called out to war. The rest of the band members decide to prevent Bud from leaving by shooting him in the foot. But there is a debate on right and wrong between the band. (There isn't any obvious way to view this movie, so I will spoil it. Sorry!) So they draw a target on his foot and Bud prepares to shoot, but he breaks down in tears. So the other members gather around and they are about to shoot, then the scene cuts to three girls. "Did you hear anything?" One of them ask. The other two girls say no, and the girls rejoice. But a gunshot is heard and the girls are seen with shocked expressions on their faces. There is a pause, and the scene goes grey, then blacks out. You can actually see some of it on Vimeo.

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