()The New Lassie (1989)

Leo played one of Will's friends Glen in 1989.

() The Outsiders (1990)

He made another tiny appearance in the pilot of a 14 episode series called The Outsiders as a unnamed child who fought another kid named Scout. He was only in one episode, then was never seen or mentioned again.

() Santa Barbara (1990)

He only starred in one episode as a young Mason Capwell.

() Roseanne (1991)

He made a small apprearance as one of Darlene's classmates.

() Parenthood (1990-1991)

In several episodes, he played Garry Buckman.

() Growing Pains (1991-1992)

He played a kind of major role as Luke Brower, the homeless teen that Mike Seaver discovers living in their attic. He is taken in by the Seavers and lives with them for quite a while, but he is soon reunited with his father and leaves with him.

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